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Be My Valentine !!

Here we go Again!!!! Yes, another Give A Way !!!

Valentines for You !!!!

One of my favorite Holidays, So I can't let it pass without some Favorites !!

Candy Cones,

In the Shop Now, Easy Knit Tops with Antique Laces !!

Tea Towel Gift Bag's,

Tissue Paper Valentines for you to Make !!!

You will need:

1. "Fabri Tac" glue (name brand), or glue gun,

2. Old pattern tissue, crepe paper,

3. Paper effemra

4. Charms, old buttons, old fabric scraps, ribbons, tassels, netting or tulle, little flowers, any bits and bobs of things to fit the theme of your Valentine,

5. Card stock, mid weight cardboard, the backs of spiral notebooks work great !

6. Real Vintage Photo or paper cutout of a fun photo,

Look in your Junk Drawer !!!! Yes, I have found some fun things in there to glue on !!!

Cut out Valentine Shape, any size you like

Gather with fingers your tissue paper, Glue to shape so the ruffle hangs off the edge,

Gather another layer of tissue or crepe paper and glue so it overlaps the first layer,

Now cut out your paper image, or maybe you have a Real vintage photo?)

Glue to center to cover the end of last ruffle,

Now, go crazy and glue all of your bits and bobs, where ever you like them !!!

Glue a Loop on the back and Hang !!!!

VARIATIONS: Add another ruffle layer

Use your fabric for a ruffle layer

Use Real photos,

Finally an easy Valentine Treat Recipe :

This is Filo dough, (or you could even use refrigerated biscuit dough),

Bake the dough first (in muffin pan) ,then fill with Nutella and top with your favorite Fruit,

I think a Cherry Pie filling would be yummy on top of the Nutella ,

I would even top that with Cream Fresh or Whip Cream !!!

Then sprinkle with Valentine Hearts !!! So many possibility's !!!

Now for the Give A Way Rules, !

Send me an email at saying you would like to be entered in the give a way,

Next, Go to my Facebook page Victorian Tailor, and leave a Review, of my clothing or something else you see !!! (click on hte word "reviews" in the left side menu)

The winner will be drawn on Sunday, February 3, 2019, this should give me time to send to you in time for Valentines Day !

Thank you for your emails, and signing up for my newsletters !

Have a Great week, stay warm until next time !


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