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Gypsy, Bohemian Spring! Help! Bohemia Buried in Antique Linen and Lace!

Here at Victorian Tailor we are excited for a "New Gypsy Bohemian Spring"! With our Gypsy clothing creations !!!!!

January and February off to an exhausting yet fun and beautiful start with Gypsy Creation's coming your way!

Here in Mason Michigan, manufactuered in the USA!

We all need to do our part to Recycle, Repurpose, Conserve our resouces for our world! You can be part of the restoration by choosing to wear clothing made with Victorian Tailor Fashions!

Enter our drawing to win this beautiful "Gypsy Camisole"

by simply becoming a member and signing up for our newsletter! If you have recieved this post and are currently a member, please leave a note at, saying you would like to be entered.

So many beautiful Linen's and Lace's..............................................

The workroom is full of antiuqe laces and linens..........

Last minute adjustments waiting to be done........

Watch for more news later,

And be sure to enter the drawing to win a Gypsy Bohemian Camisole!!!!!

Become a member and leave your email by signing up for our newsletter now so we can select the winner on February 27, 2016!

Thank You!


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