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Falling For Fall on Labor Day Weekend !

Victorian Tailor Gypsy Garden

Wishing you a Fun and Safe Labor Day Weekend!

I will be in the Gardens, enjoying this Beautiful weather, Dancing among the Gypsy Gardens ! Organizing plants for next Spring, cleaning out the flower beds, stringing some Bistro Lights !!!

Sadly we are on the other side of a Beautiful Summer Season here,

However, I love Fall in Michigan, and predictions are that we will have a Long Season,

So, I certainly plan to take advantage of the Beautiful Fall Weather !!

Can't wait to decorate My Pumpkin Path leading to the back Gypsy Gardens ! Pumpkins, Lanterns, Night Lights,

I have already started digging out the decorations !!!

Pumpkin Seeds:

Here is how I roast them:

250 to 300 degree oven

Rinse and pull all pulp off seeds,

Lay in towel to dry

Put on Ungreased cookie sheet

Let them roast for about 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how evenly your oven bakes,

Then, take out and drizzle with Olive Oil and your favorite Spice, Sweet or Savory

Lightly toss all together

Finish roasting to your taste and dryness,

We are still stitching Whites and Ivory's, However will have many new Black and Whites for Halloween in the Shop !

Please have a Safe and Fun Labor Day Weekend !!!!

Stay tuned for our October Halloween Newsletter, and,

Thank You for your Emails, kind comments, and Follows on the Facebook Page!

This is a Short Newsletter, for now, Lots of Fun Stuff coming up in

the Halloween Letter,

Hope you will all see this later,

Have Blessed Weekend,


Vintage Pattern Paper Halloween Ornament

(see how to make, next time! )

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