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Vintage, Antique Lace Dresses

What is Vintage?

To be “Vintage” is to be 20 to 99 years old. Antique is usually anything 100 years or older.

However when we speak of vintage or antique clothing there are many generality’s associated with these era’s. Vintage and Antique Laces are used here at Victorian Tailor to sew into Romantic, “Hand Crafted”, “ One of a Kind Clothing” for contemporary wear. These Vintage, Antique Laces are incredibly versatile.

Many pieces of Vintage, Antique Lace are well preserved and have a beautiful patina of color in the Vintage, Antique Laces. Strong, and durable, the Vintage, Antique Laces will remain so with some delicate care after your purchase. Because the Vintage, Antique Laces are in such pristine condition they are very “wearable” for today’s fashions!

Here at Victorian Tailor we like to let the piece of Vintage, Antique Lace speak to us and let the textile dictate the way the design and pattern should be cut. When you see a piece of our Vintage, Antique Laces you will notice how the given piece of Vintage, Antique Lace is so beautifully displayed in the cut of the garment. Why would you cut these precious Vintage, Antique Laces in such a way that you would waste some of the most beautiful parts of the Vintage, Antique Lace? Victorian Tailor does not like needless waste, so none of the Vintage, Antique Laces are wasted. Even after cutting many of the remaining pieces of Vintage, Antique Lace’s are saved for bit’s and bob’s to be used in embellishing a garment.

This is our method of “Textile Conservation” for the generations to come.

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