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Sizing Policy


Victorian Tailor clothing is designed to use the beautiful laces and linen patterns without compromising the integrity of the textile, making our garments truly one of a kind. For this reason, the garments are "One size fits Most" and made as large or small as the textile used in the manufacturing process may allow, using the "Victorian Tailor Sewing System".  Many pieces of Victorian Tailor clothing are not form fitting.


To ensure the integrity of the textile used, the clothing is sewn using all of the design in the available fabric or lace. Therefore the size could be small, medium, large or extra large. We will give extensive measurements with each item to avoid misfitting garments.


As you can see, the models are sizes 8 to 12 and yet the largest measurements fit them. This is because the design of each garment allows women of multiple sizes to wear it. All garments are easily adjusted by taking in or letting out elastics or seams. Buttons can be moved, drawstrings can be gathered tighter and hems can be raised to your desired length.


Please be sure that the measurements for you or someone else correspond to the measurements of the garment as stated.
This insures no reason for a misfit or return. Please consult with your local tailor for adjustments as needed


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

(517) 525-3583

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