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Thanksgiving in the Barn ?!!

Wishing you all a Joyous Turkey Day,

I want to share with you a Thanksgiving some years back,

My daughter, Elizabeth, and her significant other, Sam, and their baby son, Daniel, hosted Thanksgiving in a brand new Barn, on Cape Cod !!!! ,

Sam and his father built the barn of Mortise and Tenon, of course it took a couple years to build, however it was finished enough that we could have the dinner,

The setting was Magical, like something out of a magazine. ................,

As you walked upstairs to he Loft you could smell the brand new wood, evergreen decorations and yummy food, Fairy Lights, a Christmas Tree, and Beautiful Music playing !!!

Apple Turkeys my Niece Sarah made...................,

Sams father also built a Farm Table to seat 22 people especially for the dinner,

This place is set for my youngest son, he was deployed this year, so couldn't be with us,

I had made several Wool Sweater Pumpkins that year also, so we used them for centerpiece's !! Placemat's cut from paper grocery bags !!! Napkins wrapped with twine and wild rose hips !

I have so much to be Thankful for, this particular year and ones after ! Safe return's for both of my sons from several deployments !!! Healthy children and grandchildren !

Paper Bag Turkey................................

Put treats inside, or set as children's place holder,

Brussel Sprout Apple Bake

Here is the link for the Recipe,

"Fit Mitten Kitchen", this site is a Michigan Girl, lots of great info and recipes:

The Shop is Full of Christmas now,

Be Sure to Stop and Shop and visit, !!!

Thank you for your Emails, and your business !!

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving

Watch for my Christmas email and Give A Way !

Until then,



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