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Follow the Faerie Dust Trail !!!!


Winged Creatures,

Magick and Myhem,

Faeries, Sprites, Knomes, Gypsy's, All Welcome to the Magickal Gardens,

To Celebrate the "Summer Solstice"

"Wispy Wine

Bottle" Faerie!

Tangled in the "Bad Faerie Tent" Faeries !!!!!!

"Beautiful Couple " Faeries

All of the "Groupy" Faeries,

Bring your own "Furry Toadstool"

to Sit Upon,

Writing "Spells",

Here is one we read anomalously:

Oh ! Lazy Sass,

Don't sit on Your Ass,

Mow your Grass,

Sow your Seeds,

Nature Provides for all

Your Needs!!

"White Elephant" Garden

Gift Exchange

Faerie Food and Drinks !

All Together making Magickal Summer Solstice Moments !!!

Thank You All for Coming and making it possible for another

Amazing Celebration !!!

May the Faeries Bring you Blessings !

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