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The Gypsy's are in Town


A member of a traveling people traditionally living by itinerant trade and fortune telling. Gypsies speak a language (Romany) that is related to Hindi and are believed to have originated in South Asia. (google)

When I was a little girl my Grandmother Ida would tell me about how the Gypsy's would "Come to Town". The years would have been the early 1900's. In the little towns of Reed City, Howard City, and Evart Michigan. These were the towns she lived in as a child and young adult.

The Gypsy's used and lived in carts or wagon's, as they would travel through town. Going from house to house selling their wares. I wish I had known the questions I have now so I could have asked my Grandmother the details of how they traveled and lived when they were in town.

I do remember her saying the town's people would buy from them however were somewhat leary of their presence because they never seem to settle down to one place to live.

My Grandmother usually would start telling me about the "Gypsy's" when we would play dress up with her own beautiful clothing. Even at age 8, 9, and 10 years old I loved her beautiful dresses, suits, hats, or gloves. My Grandmother was quite the "Clothes Horse". She had been self employed, in the restaurant business, and was able to travel to New York City to visit and purchase beautiful clothes and accessories.

My Grandmother , Ida

This conversation would lead to how the Gypsy's would dress.

Bright colored clothing, big dresses, skirts, scarves and large

jewelry. I realize now that I can see variations of these fashions

in some of her own photographs, and the Gypsy inspired "look" is so popular now !

Maybe this is why I am so fascinated with the Gypsy culture! I think they are so beautiful.

Now in my fashion designs and clothing I love to emulate the Gypsy Look !!!

I hope you love it too, because we have more fun Gypsy Fashions coming for the summer months !!

Take Care until next time !

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