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How to Make Victorian Tailor 4th of July Fringe Bunting

You will need: cotton calico, macramae or heavy cord, ruler, scissors,

Decide how long you want your bunting cord to be,

mine is 15 feet, I want my calico strips to be 4 inches wide.

How long do you want the calico fringe to hang?

Mine is 15 inches long, So you have to double that number to 30 inches because then I am folding the strip in half,

So now fold your strip in half and lay behind the cord

Take a hold of the top of the fold, pull it forward and

open it up to make a loop to push the tail of the strip through,

Pull the strip through and onto the cord,

Now pull on the tail until you have locked the strip in place,

Keep adding your 4 inch strips until you have the desired amount of length and fullness you like to your bunting

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