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Christmas with Downton Abbey


Up the first set of stairs , another set of stairs when I turn to the right,

Carrying a tree, lights and eight boxes of decorations!

It took me four trips back and forth from the parking lot , back to the house,

Where are those Downton Abbey footman when you need them?


My decorations for the Downton Lace Christmas tree,

took up the whole alcove!


Antique teacups, antique sterling silver spoons, forks, butter knives,

Silver teapot, cream, sugar bowls, sterling silver napkin rings,

vintage gloves, hats, pearls, lace, feathers, cording, tulle fabric, and more,


Feathers, pearls, antique silver,

I hung this large, heavy silver coffee pot in the middle of the tree,

with the cream and sugar next to it,

My Lady's gloves, antique green enamel cafe teapot,

from my Grandmothers restaurant

back in the 1930's

I thought it fitting the Tiara should be crowning the top of the tree


The final results after 5 hours of set up, (well had some fun visiting with the other participants too)

tucking, adjusting, wrapping , hanging everything just so,

It was very fun to see, watch and listen to everyone scurrying past me up and down the stairs.

Access to the third floor ballroom

is also at this spot. Everyone laughing, joking, talking,

meeting all the wonderful participants while they were also busy multi- tasking

talking and setting up their trees,


The Downton Lace Christmas tree would not be complete without

Victorian Tailor Clothing under the tree.

I draped Victorian Tailor Downton clothing on the little dress form and in the hat boxes,

Please go and see all three floors of trees, in every room in this Beautiful Mansion!

You will not be disappointed. It was a pleasure to be with the great staff and participants,

At the Turner Dodge Mansion in Olde Town, Lansing Michigan!

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