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Gypsy  BoHo Seven Antqiue Lace Jacket

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gypsy seven lace jacket
gypsy seven lace jacket

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Gypsy BoHo Seven Antique Lace Jacket

Gypsy Jacket to wear over your Gypsy tops, jeans, skirts for a chilly spring/summer night. Take the Gypsy Wagon ride wearing your jacket to take yourself back on the road to travel romantic destinations.

Travel away from the hustle and bustle of our modern everyday life. Turn off the phone, computer, video's, relax with a cup of tea, listen, feel, enjoy the experience of wearing the "History and Provenance of Victorian Tailor Clothing !

Every Victorian Tailor garment is made with love and passion to preserve the beautiful, historic laces and linen's hand made 100 years ago for a loved one's wedding day or special occasion! 

Sewn into every Victorian Tailor garment is our signature hidden charms, buttons, and Gypsy trinkets for you to find! 
Experience the Romantic Provenance of wearing Victorian Tailor Clothing!


The Gypsy BoHo Seven Antique Lace Jacket is truly one of a kind. Using seven different antique laces with Victorian Tailor patterns. Jacket is made from a mid weight antique laces and linen. The front drapes closed with the collar folding over, gussets under the arms for an easy fit, a slight drop shoulder effect, 

The "Penny Pockets Pouch" are made from more antique lace pieces. 
The sleeves are full enough so your shirt sleeves can show through and go under the jacket easily. 

The sides have antique lace panels . The jacket is decorated throughout with more antique lace medallions, satin or silk ribbon, and antique mother of pearl buttons. 

The antique laces vary in colors, soft beige, tan, and creams, all different yet all cohesive together! Making the variations in colors a distinctive look. 

See if you can find our Victorian Tailor Signature bits and bobs of lace and charm adornments.

•SIZE: Medium/Large
•BUST: 36 to 52 inches 
•SLEEVE: Length, 18 inches

Total length of Jacket: 28 inches


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