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Downton Returns

Yes, the world has waited many long months for this exciting evening.

The new season of Downton Abbey!



Christmas Tree decorated with my Downton ornaments,


House , um, I mean the Manor is cleaned,


Table Set,


My guest Wendy arrives,


Her Ladyship descends the stairway,


Wendy is portraying Anna tonight,

10382868_10152478610322811_6169241268405873364_n (1).jpg

You may serve now, Anna,

Just in time for the show to begin!

Yummy food and wine, viewing the program

with eye popping, jaw dropping

Astonishment while watching the drama of

Downton Abbey,

Well worth the wait!,

It is so good to be back to my version of reality,

Sunday nights with Downton Abbey !

Yes, the old routine has returned, all is well with the neighborhood,

(think I just need to get out more? perhaps?)

I digress,

This Sunday I go to Wendy's to watch, she should have her

new 50 inch flat screen installed by then!

What is your reality?


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