Gypsy Prairie Camisole/Tunic

"One of a Kind", Authentic Antique Lace

Gypsy Prairie Sundress/Top

Round up the Gypsy Wagons and take yourself back on the road to travel romantic destinations.
Travel away from the hustle and bustle of our modern everyday life. Turn off the phone, computer, video's, relax with a cup of tea, listen, feel, enjoy the experience of wearing the history and provenance of Victorian Tailor Clothing !

Every Victorian Tailor garment is made with love and passion to preserve the beautiful, historic laces and linen's hand made 100 years ago for a loved one's wedding day or special occasion! 


Gypsy Prairie Sundress/ Top made with soft cotton calico and tiny pin tucking through out , ribbon tie woven through the antique lace yoke to adjust the fit. is made from antique cotton. Slip this sweet camisole over your head, an adorable little "Penny Pocket" made from another antique lace medallion is sewn on to the front, 

Wear with many other pieces of your wardrobe, jeans, skirts, shorts, wear a tank top or T under, 

Sewn into every Victorian Tailor garment is our signature hidden charms, buttons, and Gypsy bits and bob's of trinkets for you to find! 

SIZE: Medium/Large
BUST: Fits 34 to 42 inches
LENGTH: 18 inches