Gypsy Pink Lady Silk Camisole

                    "One of a Kind", Authentic Antique Lace

Gypsy, Bohemian, Pink Lady Silk Camisole Blouse

A Gypsy would never be without Silk,
Especially this exquisite Pink Silk Camisole!

Round up the Gypsy Wagons and take yourself back on the road to travel romantic destinations.
Travel away from the hustle and bustle of our modern everyday life. Turn off the phone, computer, video's, relax with a cup of tea, listen, feel, enjoy the experience of wearing the history and provenance of Victorian Tailor Clothing !

Every Victorian Tailor garment is made with love and passion to preserve the beautiful, historic laces and linen's hand made 100 years ago for a loved one's wedding day or special occasion! 
Sewn into every Victorian Tailor garment is our signature hidden charms, buttons, and Gypsy trinkets for you to find! 

Elegant, Romantic, Antique Lace Yoke with more antique lace for decoration has a bit of stretch as the yoke smooths over your shoulders. Lace gussetts at the side seams give a generous and comfortable fit. The sleeve cap has the same lace design with a finished hem of more antique lace. 

The Gypsy Pink Lady fits into pink mauve beaded silk fabric, 
For some fun and bling there are beaded spiral's in soft pinks also on the front and back, lace gussets at the sides, fitting over the body with a slight flare over the hip line. A simple antique mother of pearl, sweet antique baby button closes the back yoke. The yoke, sleeves, and collar are all different antique lace's. 

SIZE: Medium/Large
BUST: 34 inches to 44 inches, (the silk will stretch to 46 inches)
LENGTH: 29 inches
SLEEVE LENGTH: 7 1/2 inches
WAIST AND HIP: 50 inches, (has stretch to 52 inches)