Gypsy Magnolia Linen Gauze Pinafore

Every Victorian Tailor garment is made with love and passion to preserve the beautiful, historic laces and linen's hand made 100 years ago for a loved one's wedding day or special occasion! 

Soft somewhat sheer antique linen gauze makes this top/tunic drape softly with ruffle's scattered about on the front and back.  Slip the tunic over your head let it fall and drape by itself or with a top, t, skirt, jeans, or even another top/dress underneath. The hemline is an irregular edge, More antique lace for decoration is sewn on for more decoration. 
You can also wear the front as the back or the back as the front, making this very versatile!
Wear the Gypsy Linen Gauze Tunic  full or cinch in with a belt. 
See if you can find Victorian Tailor's signature hidden charms, buttons, and Gypsy trinkets that are sewn into every garment.

SIZE: Medium/Large
BUST: 34 to 42 inches
LENGTH: front, 17 inches long 
back: 22 inches long

SLEEVE:  9 1/2 inches long